Structuring the Sale

With the results of the decision to sell or hold. Should you elect to proceed, an exclusive representation agreement is executed.

VR M&A is committed to taking your company to market once there is agreement on the value range and pricing strategy.

Now the marketing strategy is put in place. First, a synopsis will be given to a prospective purchaser, which does not include identifying information on your company. If true interest is expressed in the opportunity, a business profile is then presented to financially qualified buyers who have a non-disclosure agreement.

We understand that confidentiality is important to you. VR M&A provides professional representation at the negotiation table. Our trained and experienced intermediaries have the “deal making” experience to successfully bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. We work with the parties to structure a deal that will deliver maximum benefits to our clients.

During the purchase process, the buyer will conduct due diligence. This involves a detailed study of your company. We use our knowledge and experience to guide both buyer and seller through this critical stage. An experienced intermediary is a key to resolving last minute differences, leading to the removal of all contingencies and the successful close of the transaction.

Why Choose VR M&A?

  • Assessment meeting.
  • Agree on goals and objectives.
  • Determine market value.
  • Marketing Plan.

The Bottom Line: A Transaction Delivering Maximum Benefits to our Clients.

History has proven that mid-market activity has been the precursor to larger market optimism.

Sell a Business
Buy a Business