Buying Process

The Buying Process

When working with VR Mergers & Acquisitions in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, buyers will experience the process outlined below.

In addition, our firm will work closely with buyers to assist in obtaining financing and to help them fully understand each step of the buying process.

  • Discuss buyer’s goals, interests, income requirements, geography, investment level, time frame.
  • Educate buyer on the process.
  • Execute confidentiality agreement.

  • Review companies that meet the buyer’s goals and preferences.
  • Provide an overview of each company.
  • Provide Confidential Business Profile.
  • Review documents for those that interest the buyer.
  • Answer questions related to specific businesses.

  • Some sellers require an indication of interest prior to the meeting.
  • An indication of interest is a non-binding indication of the pricing, terms, and structure the buyer is considering based on current level of information.
  • Meet with the seller to ask questions, discuss ideas, and gain additional insight.
  • Tour the business and describe your qualifications to the seller.

  • Review all information in detail.
  • Prepare financial projections.
  • Prepare business plan outline.

  • Prepare a formal letter of intent describing price, terms, and structure of the transaction.
  • Include any contingencies.
  • Typical contingencies are for acceptable due diligence outcome, obtaining financing and negotiating an acceptable lease.
  • Include time frames for each contingency.
  • Reach agreement on price and terms.
  • Commit that a transaction is likely.

  • Review key aspects of the business and confirm information.
  • Accounting and financial records.
  • Copies of contracts or legal documents.
  • Inspect facilities and equipment.
  • Inventory involve advisors such as attorney or CPA.

  • Work with an attorney to prepare the purchase agreement and other documents, as required, as proposed in the letter of intent.

  • Complete the closing and begin ownership of your new business.

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