Selling Process

The Selling Process

VR Mergers & Acquisitions employs a twelve step proven process for sell-side clients. Throughout the process, we stay in close communication with each client to ensure that they are fully informed.

1. Establish Relationship with Client

  • Understand client goals and objectives.
  • Discuss all options.
  • Educate client about the selling process.

2. Assess Company and Conduct Analysis

  • Obtain information and financials.
  • Understand market position.
  • Identify limiting factors.
  • Determine valuation range.

3. Commit to Process

  • Review valuation range.
  • Discuss options.
  • Reach decision.
  • Sign engagement agreement.

4. Identify Potential Buyers

  • Research strategic, synergistic and financial potential buyers.
  • Develop strategy to reach each buyer group.
  • Design contact process to create the greatest level of competition among potential buyers.

5. Profile Company

  • Conduct owner interviews.
  • Research industry.
  • Complete comprehensive analysis.

6. Marketing Package

  • Prepare confidential summary.
  • Prepare confidential business review.
  • Focus on unique value drivers of the company.

7. Market to Potential Buyers Proactively contacts Potential Buyers

  • Screen interested parties.
  • Obtain confidentiality agreements.
  • Provide Confidential Business Review.

8. Evaluate Offers and Negotiate

  • Provide analysis and feedback on offers to sellers.
  • Negotiate price, terms, the deal structure with buyers.

9. Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • Negotiate Letter(s) of Intent that meets seller goals.

10. Facilitate Due Diligence

  • Serve as the liaison between buyer and seller with regard to due diligence.
  • Review due diligence list, time line, etc. for feasibility and necessity.

11. Execute Purchase Agreement

  • Review purchase agreement to ensure that it follows the framework of LOI and price. terms, structure discussed.
  • Provide feedback to seller, buyer and other advisors (CPAs, attorneys).
  • Facilitate execution of the final purchase agreement.

12. Manage Closing Process

  • Facilitate the closing.
  • Ensure that all documents are prepared.
  • Coordinate and communicate with seller, buyer and their respective advisors.

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